Pass the Ball

In the 1990’s, Phil Jackson was the coach of the Chicago Bulls.

He built his team around the best basketball player ever—Michael Jordan.

Everyone on the team was evaluated by how they supported Jordan.

Likewise, we should allow Jesus to be the best player on our team. We should also set expectations accordingly.

One might say, “Well, of course I recognize Jesus is on board. That is assumed. I even pray about my decisions.”

But the real test is this: do we conduct our lives expecting Jesus to carry the team?

Or do we practice our lives as though Jesus doesn’t need to do anything? A life where everything is done FOR him instead of BY him?

This would be like the Chicago Bulls having Michael Jordan sit on their team yet, never passing him the ball!

It’s like leaving Jordan on the end of the bench to happily cheer for his team members. He can tell them how proud he is while they sweat it out on the court.

Sadly, this is often not far from life’s reality.

We need to take on the challenges of God’s kingdom with the confidence that Jesus himself is on the team.

What would you do differently if you had complete confidence that God was with you and all your decisions?

In your life, is Jesus merely the owner or the coach?

Or is he also the most valuable player?

Is it time in your life to pass the ball to Jesus and see what he can do?

I guarantee, the opponent will fear you if you do!

I love you all!
Go give em Heaven,
Pastor Scott