Oh What a Night

Last Sunday 09/04/16, we shut down our regular gathering and went to support TRIBE and our youth in Vail at the Jeremy Camp concert—an evening of worship.

I learned a host of things that night.

One, of course, is that I am getting old!
I still don’t quite get the whole rapper thing. They go so fast. I have no idea how they get the words the same each time they talk the song….it is a song, correct?

Two, it doesn’t matter what you throw into a crowd of kids—or adults for that matter—they will kill lifelong friends and step on babies to have it!

We were sitting in the sun among what I would consider mature, godly, and unselfish adults. Then a man, wearing a concert crew shirt, reached into a bag.

The microphone wielding host on stage yelled, “Who wants some cool stuff?”

Naturally, we held our hands in the air—mimicking Pavlov’s dog—preparing ourselves for the fight. The item launched in our direction. My wife yelled at the top of her lungs, “Get it, Sandy, get it, Sandy!”

Sandy, being an expert receiver, apprehends the item……. A hostess cupcake!?! LOL!

Finally, the third thing I learned that night: truth changes everything.

As Mr. Camp spoke that night I thought a lot about truth. Down through the ages, a host of great thinkers have acknowledged time and time again that truth is neither flippant nor is it subjective.

Truths are what hold the universe together.

Try gravity, for example. Go on, give it a try…It works every time.

We may protest objective, absolute truth when it comes to morality and ethics; but this protest is usually nothing more than a cloud of smoke. Something we have created to cover, or to excuse, our “particular” poor choice for that day.

If morality and ethics are truly subjective, I could walk right into any store, fill my cart to overflowing with whatever I want, and then not even pay a nickel for it.

C.S. Lewis uses the illustration: I could take the orange from your hand, consume it, and remain impassive.

If truth is indeed subjective, the natural consequence will inevitably lead only to chaos.

Simply put, if we all did whatever we wanted, there would be no order.

Anton LeVay, author of the Satanic Bible, put it this way: “Do whatever you want shall be the whole of the law.”


We live in a world where the notion of right and wrong continues to surface.  And I see no end to it…nor does God for that matter.

As I listened to Mr. Camp speak–and sing–and as I watched those young people worship, I was reminded of what Jesus said in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father but by me.”

He is the truth. And all things are held together by him.

Like the challenge I made to you with gravity—try living with HIM.

Go on, give it a try.

It works every time.

Go give em heaven!
I love you all,
Pastor Scott