From the Wyble Family: A Testimony of Love


How did we end up at Summit Church–an hours’ drive from where we live?

My guess is we followed the urging of the spirit.

One Sunday, we decided to visit and we found that it made us feel peaceful and comfortable—without the pressure to live up to the expectations of society.

Summit Church had something to offer us, something that we needed: confirmation that Church is a place to exchange love within the body of Christ and to our neighbors.

In Mark 12:29-31, Jesus said,

“The most important commandment is this: Listen, O Israel! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord. And you must love the lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. The second is equally important:  Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these. “

One of our primary goals in looking for a place of worship was to find a place that our fourteen-year-old daughter, Aleah, would enjoy.

Not that it would just be a mandatory command that she had to attend, but something she would enjoy.

After attending for the first time, Aleah could not wait to return to the Tribe Movement group–lead by Pastor Creed Wilson–every week.

Aleah wanted to be involved, not only in the recreational activities and in the worship, but also in developing her leadership skills.

She now has many mentors.

Pastor Creed Wilson is always available and he is eager to guide all of the youth in any way that is necessary.

We have been involved in several youth groups, as we also have adult children.
This youth group is exceptional in spirit and in concern towards one another—with no exclusions.

Differences are expected and appreciated.

The growth, maturity and knowledge I have seen in the entire youth group leads me to believe that God is working through Creed.  Creed has been given a special gift.

This is where I want my child no matter how far I have to drive.

One of the first things Pastor Scott Wilson said to us, while we were on a church camping trip, was this: the Church is not a building. It is us—the people.

Summit Church is not a traditional church. We do not sit in pews for service and then go home.
Once you enter the building you have a choice. You can sit on the couches, on the chairs, around a table or even at a high top table.

We have a traditional family meal prior to service–as a family.

The gathering provides a baked potato bar.  Anyone interested in participating that week will add to the menu.

Pastor Scott Wilson and Pastor Jason Seiber, their wives Tina and Stephanie, as well as all of their nine children combined make you feel as if you are a part of their families.

If you need something any time of the day or night, just call them.

The concern, love and time each extends to the people that walk through the door is amazing.

The teachings are strictly taught from the Bible. but they also include examples using every day scenarios.

You can understand the teachings and feel the spirit working thru both Pastors.

Their individual teaching styles complement each other. And their sermons are far from boring.

The music in itself is truly a worship service.

The pastors always stress that we are just tools used by the only perfect one–Jesus Christ.

Through our belief in Jesus, we are all just people that have been given mercy.

This is why we attend Summit Church.

The teachings bring peace to lives—not condemnation.  You are accepted as you are.

Together, we combine our energy to share the Word, love our neighbors, and show God how much we love him.

There is a testimony of love within this Church.

Greg and Elizabeth Wyble