Are You All In?

Take a look again at Matthew 6:33…

From the moment Jesus called His disciples, He was training them to take over. In three short years, He molded an unlikely – and most would say an “unsavory” – handful of disciples into world-changers.

He is still in that business.

However, so many things cloud our personal vision of that possibility.

There’s the old saying, “If the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.”

This certainly has been true in my own experience. We cannot imagine adding another thing to our plate.

Yet, God has also promised us that if we seek first his kingdom—which means prayer, obeying his teaching and being available—then he will personally guarantee that everything else that is important in our lives will be taken care of…everything.

Therefore, whatever excuse we think up for not being “all in” is nothing more and nothing less than a lack of trust in his promise.


That’s important stuff right there.

So take a look again at Matthew 6:33…and ask yourself, “AM I ALL IN WITH JESUS?”

Go give them heaven!

I love you all,
Pastor Scott